The NHDS thanks the following organization for its financial support:

  • HBC History Foundation
  • Salamander Foundation

List of supporters

The following individuals and institutions from across the country have pledged their support for the NHDS.

  1. Clare Appavoo, Canadian Research Knowledge Network
  2. Jane Arnold, Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University
  3. Peter Bailey, Canadian Federation of Library Associations
  4. Maureen Barry, Burlington Public Library
  5. Guylaine Beaudry, Concordia University Library
  6. Jonathan Bengtson, University of Victoria Library
  7. Guy Berthiaume, Library and Archives Canada
  8. Surrinder Bhogal, Surrey Libraries
  9. Gwen Bird, Simon Fraser University Library
  10. Nicole Blain, Canadian Music Centre
  11. Jean-Marc Blais, Canadian Museum of History
  12. Donna Bourne-Tyson, Dalhousie University Library
  13. Betty Braaksma, Brandon University Library
  14. Mary Cavanagh, University of Ottawa
  15. Maureen Clapperton, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)
  16. Susan Cleyle, Memorial University Library
  17. Charlie Costain, Canadian Heritage Information Network
  18. Caroline Daniels, BC Digital Library
  19. Richard Dumont, Université de Montréal Library
  20. Heather Empey, University of Northern British Columbia Library
  21. Patricia Enright, Kingston Frontenac Public Library
  22. Kyla Epstein, Vancouver Public Library Board
  23. Loren Fantin, OurDigitalWorld
  24. Loubna Ghaouti, Université Laval Library
  25. Susan Haigh, Canadian Association of Research Libraries
  26. Geoff Harder, University of Alberta
  27. Jennifer Hevenor, Pier 21
  28. H. Thomas Hickerson, University of Calgary Library
  29. Susanna Hubbard Krimmer, London Public Library
  30. Ben Hyman, Vancouver Island University Library
  31. Kim Isaac, University of the Fraser Valley Libary
  32. Wayne Jones, Carleton University Library
  33. Melissa Just, University of Saskatchewan Library
  34. Robin Keirstead, Western University Library
  35. Patricia Kell, Department of Canadian Heritage
  36. Joy Kirchner, York University Library
  37. Dimitrios Latsis, Ryerson University, School of Image Arts, Film and Photography Preservation and Collections Management Program
  38. Gilles Lesage, La Société historique de Saint-Boniface
  39. Michelle Lovegrove Thomson, Toronto International Film Festival
  40. Pilar Martinez, Edmonton Public Library
  41. Danielle McDonald, Ottawa Public Library
  42. Heather Menzies, The Writers Union of Canada
  43. Andrea Mills, Internet Archive Canada
  44. Dan Mirau, Concordia University of Edmonton Library
  45. Frances Newman, Oshawa Public Library
  46. Kathleen O’Connell, National Science Library, National Research Council
  47. Louise Procter Maio, Richmond Hill Public Library
  48. Louis Rastelli, ARCMTL (Archive Montreal)
  49. Rebecca Raven, Brampton Public Library
  50. Mark Robertson, Brock University Library
  51. Ian Ross, Whitby Public Library
  52. Kathryn Ruddock, University of Calgary Library
  53. Pam Ryan, Toronto Public Library
  54. Sandra Singh, Vancouver Public Library
  55. Fiona Smith Hale, Ingenium
  56. Georgiana Stanciu, The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum
  57. Paul Takala, Canadian Urban Libraries Council
  58. Paul Takala, Hamilton Public Library
  59. Carole Urbain, Association pour l’avancement des sciences et des techniques de documentation (ASTED)
  60. Leslie Weir, University of Ottawa Library
  61. Martha Whitehead, Queen’s University Library
  62. Warren Wilansky, Plank design
  63. Angela Williams, Royal BC Museum and Archives
  64. William Wueppelmann,
  65. Rebecca Young, NSCAD University Library